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Work From Home model at Kolsquare

Once seen as a constraint (during Covid19 Lockdown), at Kolsquare we decided to see Work From Home (WFH) as an opportunity. We launch an experiment in 2020 to create our own Kolsquare WFH model. Our priority is to improve team members quality of life and happiness by addressing their work-life balance. We believe that Work From Home is the best way for team members to improve their work-life balance, and reach their greatest potentials. It is the best way to hire and collaborate with remote talents, and scale team growth. We think it is the most responsible way of working, preserving the planet and ressources. We think it promotes flexibility and results in driven culture. And it empowers collaborators with the autonomy and trust they need to reach their goals. We don’t believe in a 100% WFH model without any physical events. We want to replace physical working shortcomings (time lost, focus, stress…) with WFH advantages, without losing the advantages of working in the same office. Here our the Work From Home model at Kolsquare.

Why we usually work @ the office?

We have a great head office in the heart of Paris in which we moved in 2016 after our SerieA.

We usually work at the office for 2 main reasons :

  • Communication : being in the same place (at the office) is the best way to share info, a vision, an energy. Whether with individuals or groups. 1to1, Workshops, Standups, Team Meetings, … communication is performing when we meet and feel.
A team event @Kolsquare in 2019 – copyright Kolsquare
  • Social and company culture : sharing the same place, physically spending days (and nights) together is a great opportunity to build a team on the same values, and fuel company culture.
A team party @Kolsquare in 2019 – copyright Kolsquare

As a sport fan and rugby player, I personally need to physically be with my team, and surround myself with the people that I care about and are a part of my journey to entrepreneurship. I believe that the only way you can truly understand someones true emotions and share your own, is through in person interactions. And I don’t think anything can replace that.

Why work from home?

But Work From Home has several advantages :

  • Worklife Balance: team members are trusted to organize their agenda as they see fit, with full autonomy, as long as they perform and as long as they can efficiently collaborate with other team members. They can work from wherever they want, adapt their schedule to personal convenience, whether to develop a passion or respond to family needs.
  • Performance: calm, concentration, efficiency, focus, confidentiality, less stress… and no time lost in transportation! At Kolsquare, we conducted a survey with team members, and 84% declared being more efficient when working from home, 13% equally efficient. Only 1 person declared being less efficient…
  • Social Responsibility: less transportation means less carbon impact. It means less plastic material during the day at the office, whether for a simple coffee or for lunch. Less and smaller offices means less energy wasted when rooms and offices are not full or empty.

What is Kolsquare’s « On Demand » WFH model?

The Work From Home model we have chosen for Kolsquare is  1- Work From Home as a basis for all ;  2- Without erasing the office from the equation (let’s say 90% WFH, and 10% at the office) ;  3- Taking into account each Kolsquarians’ specificities (some don’t have good conditions to work at home efficiently, some have specific jobs requiring to physically meet on a regular basis)

So we are moving from our rented 550sqm office in Paris to a more flexible co-working solution (we have chosen Spaces) with an international footprint in more than 406 cities.

We have been working from home since March 15th 2020, and this model has proven efficient for our limited size team (<50 pax). So Team members will continue to work from home as usual on a daily basis (we have our own ceremonials). But some teams will physically gather once a week according to their needs. We will also gather all Kolsquarians every month for a sharing day, mixing fun and business, information and inspiration. And we will gather once a quarter for an inspirational and team building seminar.

We are very excited to move in this direction, go further and extend the experiment of the last 5 months. Making Work From Home a true pillar of our model.  We believe that Kolsquare’s WFH model is the perfect mix of physical presence and distance working, with the least shortcomings possible (time lost, focus, stress…). We believe that Work From Home is the best way for our team members to improve their work-life balance, hit their goals, and better serve our customers. And reach our greatest potential. 

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