European Influencer Marketing Landscape in Q1 2020

Influencer Marketing is a frenzy newborn eldorado that can be highly complicated to understand for brands and marketing agencies. As the efficiency of this branding or acquisition technique is no longer questioned, professionals are trying hard to decipher the 300+ players specificities and identify what are the best IM strategies for them. Pioneering this industry for 9+ years with Kolsquare, I decided to share my analysis and vision of the European Influencer Marketing Landscape in Q1 2020.

This benchmark is the 2nd version of the initial benchmark published in Q4 2019 here.

Influencer Marketing competitive Landscape - Benchmark of European Influence Marketing platforms
Benchmark of European Influence Marketing platforms in Q1 2020 – Copyright @Kolsquare

Evolution since Q4 2019 ?

Globally, only a few new players emerged in Europe in 6 months compared to the frantic pace of 2018-2019 when on average 1 new player per day was launched. The market is now entering a new phase, and existing players are competing on consolidating their positioning.

In France, Foll-ow is now regularly quoted by brands as a good alternative to other MCN and Studios.

Territory Influence is also trying to emerge within the Influencer Marketing Agencies group.

Platforms that are focused on Instagram only (Lefty or InfluencerDB in Germany for eg.) have been suffering from Facebook/Instagram initiative in Q4 2019 to launch its proprietary technology.

In this version, I included the UGC platforms that are covering the bottom of the influencer marketing pyramid.

New data providers are also included, like Linkalyse that is the first influencer marketing player to focus on Linkedin.

About Kolsquare

At Kolsquare we have a customer centric approach with strong data driven mindset. And we know brands and agencies well. We have been pioneering the IM industry as I created Brand and Celebrities (Kolsquare’s mother company) in 2011, specialised in Celebrity Marketing with a data centric and automation approach. For the last 8 years, over 3000 brands have been using our platform to run more than 7000 campaigns worldwide. We have seen the IM market birth, and the gold rush that has followed. 

At Kolsquare we cover Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram … and TikTok, with full content curation and socio-demographics data, offering an access to more than 1,5M Key Opinion Leaders (K.O.L) in 180+ countries. More on Kolsquare.

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